BG FRANCK BICHON - Why clean your instrument

Did you know that playing an unclean instrument may severely affect your health?

In a study presented in November 2013 by the American College of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology (ACAAI), researchers proved that woodwind players could develop an allergic disease as a result of the fungus that can grow inside of instruments.

Known as “Saxophone Lung”, it is a type of pneumonia in which the person affected develops an allergic lung disease due to contact with the fungus that thrives in wet conditions.

Recently, a musician from Atlanta who admitted to not cleaning his instrument reported having a chronic cough and a persistent wheeze for over a year, due to neglecting to clean his instrument. Treatments were unsuccessful and X-rays showed that his lungs showed signs of calcified lymphatic ganglion.

Previous researchers from the University of Tufts analyzed twenty wind instruments that were similarly neglected and found a myriad of germs, including those responsible for tuberculosis. This 2011 study showed that these germs can remain active anywhere from several hours to several days.

Your instrument is important to you.

You spend many hours of work and play with this valuable creative tool. A tool well cared for will provide a more reliable performance than one that has been neglected. Every time you perform, your ability as an artist is considered by demanding audiences.


Can you imagine the devastation of your instrument failing due to lack of maintenance?


If pads are not carefully dried after the instrument has been played they will deteriorate at ten times the normal rate. Pads may crack, swell up, and foster fungus growth.

 If the body of the instrument is not thoroughly dried, the naturally-occurring acidic enzymes in saliva will break down the wood the same way they break down food. Excess moisture will also promote cracking that can completely destroy wooden instruments.

Whether you have a top-of-the-line professional instrument or your first beginner model, we know your instrument is important to you. If you take steps to maintain and clean your instrument you’ll save money on future repairs, preserve the instrument’s value and promote your own health.

At BG, we care about the health of musicians and their instruments. That's why we have built a wide range of product for cleanning your instruments.